Seniors defeat teachers in olympic volleyball


The Olympic volleyball tournament was held Thursday, June 13 at 10:00 in the main gym.
A sophomore and junior team started the event off by playing each other in a 12 minute game. The sophomores won, earning them third place. They were followed by another junior team playing the sole senior team. Before today, the juniors had beat the seniors on several occasions. Today, however, they managed to pull through and win. This left them with their final opponents as the teachers.
The seniors and teachers played three sets, 12 minutes each. The teachers took the first set with a score of 25 to 18. The seniors made a strong comeback the next set, beating the teachers with a score of 28 to 13. The final set, a tie breaker, was intense. Both teams took turns scoring points. In the end, the seniors took home the trophy and bragging rights for the class of 2017.