Boys Volleyball defeat Westfield, 3-0


Kevin Eviner

The Scotch Plains Fanwood boys volleyball team gained a victory in its home game against Westfield with a score of 3-0.
The team had an extremely strong start gaining three points on their first serve and another eight in their second. Not only did the Raiders play an amazing offense but a strong defense as well. The first set ended with a score of 25-11 in favor of the Raiders.
The second set ended with the same score of 25-11 with the Raiders winning again. The Raiders scored eight points in their fourth serve and followed up with a consistent amount of points per serve. The Raiders held strong against Westfield’s first year program and pushed back.
The game became more interesting in the third set when Westfield gained more points, even having a three point lead at one point. At the end of the set the score was 25-23 Raiders which gave them the win. The Raiders had a start slightly under their others only scoring one point a serve but kept their defense sharp and came through in the middle of the game where they scored the majority of their points.
“It’s a great experience to win our game against Westfield,” captain Gabe Sta. Rosa said. “We’re only a second year program and they’re a first year program so it was a great opportunity to play them. They were great opponents for a first year program and I was overwhelmed by the talent.”