Commitment Day Plans


Sarah Spitzer

With May 1st coming around the corner, are you having trouble deciding on what college you should attend? Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions of your life; it is your future home for the next four years meaning this can determine your career and future life. A lot of kids make common mistakes while choosing their future college.
Common mistakes made :

    1. Rushing the decision process – People find it easier to make a decision and be done with it. After getting into their first college, some kids decide “This is the college for me!” This is not a way to decide your college.
    2. Following a friend – Do you feel like college will be easier if you have a friend there with you? This may help, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason for attending a college. College is about expanding your horizon and meeting new people while keeping the old and seeing them on breaks, etc.
    3. A fun school vs the right school – It is easy to be intrigued by the school with parties and fun events, but you’re education comes first. Seeing a school that seems like the fun choice is often the school that kids decide to go to. Although having a good time is necessary, each college will be fun. It is what you make of it.
    4. The location closest to home – Students feel like college will be easier if you are at the one closest to your hometown. College is all about the new experience and putting yourself out there so instead of being an hour away from home or staying in the same state, you should see your options and take a risk.
    5. Committing before visiting – Before committing to a college, the student MUST visit. How can you know this is the right school without getting a campus tour first? You can’t and shouldn’t.
    6. Listening to other people’s opinions- When your friends or classmates make comments on your schools, people tend to go with their advice which isn’t always the best advice. If you don’t listen to other’s input, you can decide a lot easier.
    7. Keep an open mind – Along with the #6, keeping an open mind to all the schools before visiting is the best way to really take in a college before deciding. Making the right decision based on your own opinion is extremely important.
    8. Trying to find the perfect school- No matter how hard you look, there is no such thing as the perfect college that will have everything on your checklist. There will be flaws. You have to figure out if you can overlook and overcome those differences enough to be comfortable in your new home.

After hearing about these common mistakes, you should take the information into thought and reconsider your decision before officially committing. College is a very important step of life and choosing the right one can lead you to the most successful future.