Need a New Movie to “Get Out” and See?


Sydney Shuler

Get Out, starring newcomers Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams, hit theatres on February 24 and has been sweeping the nation ever since.

In his directorial debut, director, writer and producer Jordan Peele transformed a seemingly simple story idea into a comedy horror film that keeps the audience on their toes and possesses the ability to alter their perspectives on life.

This modern film delves deep into the darkest parts of the mind and of the truths about racism in America.

Centered around an interracial couple made up of a black man, Chris and a white woman, Rose, the plot follows their weekend trip to meet Rose’s parents. A meet-the-white-parents trip, if you will.

The themes of institutionalized and tucked away racism are encouraged by a number of symbols strategically placed throughout the film. It trigger questions regarding your personal role in the society that is portrayed in Get Out: Who can I trust? Could this really happen? Do people still view other people as objects?

The film had a budget of $4.5 million and has made $155.3 million in the box office thus far. It is one of few films to be rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, a credible movie review source.

Get Out is the type of movie that stays with you. It incorporates controversial and significant topics into a likeable and comedic movie that appeals to all types of audiences.

Peele’s masterpiece is currently being shown at Rialto in Westfield; AMC Theatre in Mountainside; and Regal Cinemas Headley Theatre in South Plainfield.