Senior Citizens Day returns to SPFHS

Sarah Spitzer

The senior citizens of Scotch Plains and Fanwood made their way into the Auxiliary Gym on the morning of March 16th to celebrate the annual Senior Citizens Day.
An open invitation was extended to family members of students at SPFHS as well as
The event was coordinated by the Student Council and Student Government Association.
Senior class president Max Lusk co-hosted Senior Citizens Day.
“The senior citizens of the community came in and it ran all day,” Lusk said. “Around 60 students and 100 seniors volunteered which really helped the outcome of the day.”
Members of SPFHS’s music department, including the band led by Durand Thomas, volunteered their time to participate in a game of “Guess the Song” where seniors Nicole Dencker, Ryan Abramowitz, Francesca Jones and Joshua Weiner performed hits from the 1950’s. The Varsity Cheerleading Squad performed a routine for the senior citizens and then the Blue Diamond Step Team performed a cool dance.
Student volunteers kept the seniors company by playing games and socializing. Among those students was senior Teddy Willmott, who volunteered at this and felt moved by the senior citizen that he was partnered with. Willmott shared a many laughs and jokes with his senior citizen and filled her in on his basketball career in high school and his plans for after high school.
“After my day with the senior citizens, I really thought this was a good experience and it was really fun spending a good majority of the day with them.”