Tips For Test-Taking Success

Melanie Litwin

Taking tests can be a very stressful experience for many high school students. However, there are many useful strategies that can help improve your test taking abilities.
Eat Well
Eating a healthy breakfast and getting a good night’s sleep are two ways to improve your chances of success later in the day. Eating well that morning will boost energy levels and getting enough sleep the night before will enhance your ability to retain information. Also, if your health is compromised it will be more difficult to stay focused and concentrate on the test. In order to mentally do your best, you have to physically feel your best, too.
Read Through The Test First
Before beginning the test, quickly skim through all of the questions. This will give you an idea of how long each section will take you and will allow you to prepare for which parts will be easier or more difficult. Additionally, you will be able to manage your time better.
Focus On What You Do Know, Not What You Don’t
Don’t stress yourself out thinking about all the information you could have studied more. If you get stuck, instead of stressing out about one question, move on to other problems you actually know. It will restore your confidence and you may remember the answer when you come back to it.
Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Students
Another source of stress may come from comparing yourself to the students around you. Try not to worry about the fact that some students may finish before you or may have written more than you. You’ll be more likely to do better if you work at your own pace.
Check Over Your Work
It may seem like extra unnecessary work, but it is important to use any extra time to check over the test. You will be able to catch any simple mistakes you made and go over any problems you were unsure about.
Don’t forget to breathe! If you feel yourself starting to panic over information you don’t know, take a few deep breathes. By having confidence in your abilities and keeping yourself calm you are already helping yourself do even better on the test.