A Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts


Michelle Cagnassola

As Valentine’s Day approaches girlfriends and boyfriends all over the world freak out about gifts to buy their loved ones.  In high school the idea of dating is popular and many still are clueless about what to get their significant other.  Some may want to target the cliche gift or get something that’s unique and more individualized.    
Both Genders
Food is always a great start to Valentine’s day gift.  Anything from your special someone’s favorite snack or simple chocolates is a nice way to show your loved one you don’t want them to go hungry.  A snack basket along with their favorite games, gadgets, or movies is a great way to spend a small amount of money but show them they impact you in your everyday life.  Another way to spend time and spend little to no money  is to set up an experience they will never forget.  Bring your date or best friend on a picnic along with a brunch that can be enjoyed at a park.  Experiences are the best and cheapest gifts that will be thought of forever.
Although cliche, girls’ always appreciate the simple gifts such as a teddy bear, chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. If none of those tips seem to impress you, other gifts such has makeup, Lush bath bombs, and clothes like leggings and sweatshirts always warm a woman’s heart.  Even after much consideration, a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store along with a heartfelt card can be a last resort gift and still bring a smile to their face.
Boys are typically thought to get the gift but as gender norms switch in today’s age a gift for a boy especially in the same-sex relationship calls for a present for all genders.  Some idea gifts for guys can be food as mentioned before and things such as a sports team jersey they root for and some of their favorite movies or video games they enjoy playing.  Boys will also appreciate some of the same things like a gift card to their favorite store you can go shopping at them with and a card that will pull at their heartstrings.  
Of course, all items listed are not limited to such gender; it just sparks ideas that girlfriends, boyfriends, or best friends might want for Valentine’s Day.  As the special day is met, it is important to focus on the thought of the gift and not its cost.  Make your gift creative and special to the individual, focus on the love and friendship that the holiday creates.