Silisponge Review: Is it Worth the Hype?


Sarah Spitzer

If you are not a huge fan of the sponge you use for foundation, you’re problems are now solved. Purchase the Silisponge, a new makeup blender founded by Molly Cosmetics; people think this can be the new beautyblender.
Made of non-toxic silicone, this applicator for liquid or cream foundations and concealers can be found for under $10. With the material of silicone, there is no way for any makeup to soak in as you apply the makeup. The exact amount of makeup applied to the sponge will appear on your face, achieving full coverage much faster than a beautyblender™ does.
The seemingly overnight popularity of the Silisponge sold it many times, but it is now on sale for $9.90 on Molly Cosmetics . Amazon and Ebay have been selling knock-offs that work just as well. They sell from five to 15 dollars on
Cleaning the Silisponge is as easy as it gets. You can simply run water over the sponge with a tiny squeeze of soap and, and ta da! The applicator is clean. There is a learning curve to the Silisponge,, but eventually  it will slowly become your best friend. For all those clean freaks, this applicator is something that will keep your hands from being a complete mess after putting your makeup on.

  1. Apply a little amount of a cream or a liquid makeup product to the sponge.
  2. Spread the product throughout your face and tap repeatedly to blend and settle, pay attention to your eye area, jawlines and hairlines.
  3. Continue these steps until all the product is smoothly covering your entire face or whatever area you wish to apply makeup to.

For cleaning purposes, use a little amount of soap and rinse it in warm water, pad dry and store away. Don’t let the sponge have contact with sharp objects like tweezers, scissors, etc.
The brand new Silisponge is definitely something to try out instead of your average expensive brush or beautyblender™. The product comes off smoothly and allows perfect coverage with any type of makeup desired. Instead of wasting your foundation, you are saving your money by getting the cheap, easy silicone sponge which doesn’t let you waste a single drop of your product.