Is Plastic Surgery an Addiction or a Way to Promote Body Positivity?


Michelle Cagnassola

Plastic surgery has increasingly become a method to alter one’s body, either for medical or commercial reasons. This popularity stems from many popular figures, namely the Kardashians and the Jenners. They have established and attained “the perfect hourglass figure” and many young girls are looking to reach that goal through means other than surgery, such as using waist trainers or doing extra squats in the gym. However, there are some who prefer to get implants in the body and the reconstruct their figures to become, in their minds, their perfect selves.
How far is too far?  Women primarily try to reach the goal of larger breasts and plump lips and a big butt. Woman strive to achieve the perfect curves they see in magazines. Plastic surgery a common trend in what our eyes see every day, social media is a key to opening the eyes to consumers and wanting people to come in and get prosthetics done.  
There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the way you look to create a more confident self, but plastic surgery is not the only way to achieve the confidence one aspires for.
An article titled “The Dangers of Plastic Surgery Addiction” states, “Cosmetic surgery addiction can be caused by a condition called body dysmorphic disorder, wherein an individual is preoccupied with a slight or imagined “abnormality’ in their appearance, which a person without the disorder might interpret as a quirk, individualistic, or perfectly acceptable. This obsession often causes significant social or occupational impairment, as well as emotional problems.”  
Plastic surgery among men and women goes way deeper than wanting to achieve confidence, it is more about wanting to alter looks because some people may not be satisfied with their natural physical traits.
Having the desire to permanently change the way one look all because celebrities are viewed makes some people believe they will receive the same results is not a healthy way to live.
Not only are the surgeries expensive, it is incredibly important to make sure the doctor is a reliable source. Not all surgeries go as planned, putting people with the unfortunate side effects into a spiraling swirl of self hatred.
Everyone has insecurities and that is perfectly okay, it is just a matter of recognizing the way you treat yourself and not letting the media or the way you think people perceive you manipulate the way you live.  Always be aware of your body and seek help with a professional or reach out to loved ones.