SPFHS Marching Band travels back to “Medieval Times”


Melanie Litwin

On Friday, December 9, the SPFHS Marching Band took a field trip to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ.
The trip was fitting due to the fact that this year the band’s show, “The Code of Chivalry” was medieval themed. The idea of the code of knights was a common link between the band’s show and the one seen at Medieval Times. Not only that, but it helped the students understand where the inspiration for their show came from.
Medieval Times allows the audience to become fully immersed in the time period, while also teaching the values that knights lived by. The students watched an entertaining performance that included everything from lessons of compassion to live horses and jousting.
Loud and excited shouts could be heard from the SPF students as they cheered on the knights.
During the whole production, the students got in the spirit of the medieval times by eating a turkey leg. However, the catch was that everyone needed to use only their hands to eat. Evidently, the entire day was an unique experience for the band members.
Nevertheless, at the end of the trip, the opinion was overwhelmingly positive.
“It was really fun to see the theme of our show come to life,” sophomore Jessie Sadel said. “We really got to experience what it was like [during medieval times].”
Furthermore, since the marching band’s season just ended a few weeks ago, this was an ideal way for them to all be together one last time. Another sophomore marching band member, Julianna Lamagna, wrapped up the mood of the day perfectly.
“The trip was a great closing to a great season,” Lamagna said. “It allowed us to bond as a group for the last time this year.”