Anti Trump Protests erupt in major US cities


Sarah Spitzer

The election ended with a result that delighted some and shocked others: business tycoon Donald J. Trump is the new President-elect. Needless to say, there has been complete disagreement about “which presidential candidate should’ve been elected.”
Thousands of people have protested all over America in at least 10 different cities. Many college students and faculty leaders took this to social media to announce support groups and postponed exams due to riots. Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, D.C, Portland, Ore., St. Paul, Minn. and were subject to the protests.
Starting in downtown Seattle, over 2,000 protesters shouted and chanted their frustration at the Trump victory.
In Los Angeles, protesters piled into the streets close to City Hall and marched onto the busy 101 Freeway later that night. Dozens were arrested as protests became violent.
While in Washington D.C., hundreds of people came to the streets with large signs saying “Nasty Woman Fight Back” and “White Males for Equality for All.” This protest occurred in front of the Trump International Hotel in D.C.
Thousands of protesters in New York City blocked off many areas around the Trump Tower. “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” rang through the crowd as more and more protesters mobilized.
Protesters paid a visit to The Trump International Hotel in Chicago, marching down Michigan Avenue chanting, “Not my President!” and “Love Trump Hates.”
In the streets of Oregon, traffic was blocked off due to dozens of people protesting in the streets. At one point, a Trump supporter was chased and hit in the back with a skateboard.
Although the protesters were filled with rage and shock, it was evident that they were terrified, knowing that their worst nightmare had become a reality.
Chloe Stratton, a transgender female, moved to Chicago this year. She fears what Trump and Pence might do to the LGBT community. Pence has openly and avidly opposed same-sex marriage and backed conversion therapy for people with same-sex attractions. This thought scares the entire LGBT community, causing many of them to riot against Trump-Pence.
Not only have protests occurred in the United States, but other countries have become involved with protests. United Kingdom, the Philippines, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, and Australia.
As Trump gets ready to take office, these protests most likely won’t end.