Language Honor Society inducts 68 students


photos by Stephanie Colinders

Alyssa Cordero

photos by Stephanie Colinders

On the evening of Nov. 16, 68 students were inducted into their respective Language Honor Societies. This evening was special as it welcomed the newly-established Chinese Honor Society and said goodbye to the German Honor Society.

Language Supervisor Lina Materna reflected on the memorable evening.

“I was very proud of everyone involved,” said Materna. “The ceremony  is completely student-run and the [students] did an amazing job and I am very proud.”

In order for students to be inducted into the languages honor society, they need to keep an A in an academic class, or an A- in an accelerated class. Students also need to complete service activities for their language club and be enrolled in a language for at least three years.

“We also look for the service component because we want our students to be global citizens and to be able to contribute to communities beyond the classroom,” Materna added.

The night also demonstrated the language program’s growth as eight students were inducted into the new Chinese Honor Society.

The program was also somber as the language program said a temporary adieu to their German Honor Society. Senior and German Honor Society President Simon Oster delivered a speech concluding the program.

Materna reflected, “Simon Oster has been an exemplary representative of the German program and other languages,” said Materna.  “As Simon said, hopefully one day we will be able to bring it back again.”

The evening marked new exciting changes to the language program. Congratulations to all of the inductees.