Pokemon Go expands gameplay of famous franchise


Robert Fallo

“I choose you!” The most common three-word sentence the universe knows. Everybody and their mother knows about Pokémon, but now, the franchise is looking to step their universally-known game up a notch.
Gone are the days of sitting on the couch playing Pokémon, and in are the days playing Pokémon outside and running around. Thanks to Pokémon’s newest game, Pokémon Go, players are able to look for hundreds of Pokémon in their very own towns.
With Pokemon Go, players can do everything they did in the old game, except now they have to get outside and walk around to find their legendary pokemon.
Look, a Pikachu on your doorstep! Oh hey, a Charizard in the park next to your house! Pokémon Go is able to take the basis of past games played on systems like the Gameboy, DS, and Wii and implement them into any mobile device.
In the game, players can go to poke-stops to collect potions and pokeballs at certain landmarks in towns. For instance, perhaps the local train station has a poke-stop or the most popular restaurant in town has a stop. Basically, as a player, poke-stops are the most important spots in town.
Also, Pokémon Go allows you to fight at gyms and train your Pokémon while still being able to evolve them at any point during the process. Players can still run through the tall grass and discover more Pokémon than they thought about before.
Essentially, Pokémon Go brings the best out of the past generation of technology and blends it into modern day technology, making it one of the most popular and binge worthy games the planet has ever seen.
Everything about Pokémon remains the same in Pokémon Go. Only this time, you can bring the characters into real life.