The Final Hours of The 2016 Presidential Election: Locals Cast Their Votes


Haley Nakonechny

On Tuesday November 8, Scotch Plains and Fanwood residents over the age of eighteen are placed their votes for the 2016 elections.
Evergreen Elementary School was one of many local facilities designated for voting in Scotch Plains. The Fanwood Library was a popular voting location for Fanwood residents .
This election has been one full of petty debate, email scandals, and public scrutiny, making it a very long election season for some.  It all comes down to today, where after months of campaigning, one of the two presidential candidates will be elected president and will start his or her term in January 2017.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the former Secretary of State and the wife of former President Bill Clinton.  Democratic Vice Presidential candidate is Tim Kaine, a senator from Virginia.
Scotch Plains resident, Lisa, voted for Clinton.
“I was tired of all the hatred that came out of the Republican party so I voted straight Democrat to try and change things up,” she said.
Lisa believed that the importance of voting lies in the consequences the votes will have for generations to come
“It’s not about my future, I’m halfway through my life.,” she said. “It’s about their future. It’s what we’re passing on to the kids.”
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a successful American businessman recently turned politician, has caused quite the stir in this election. His running mate, republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence currently serves as governor of Indiana.
Fanwood mother, Michelle, voted for Trump based on the health care policies he plans to implement if he becomes president.
“His strong health care plan is one of my main reasons for putting in my vote for him,” she said.  “It is important for everyone to vote because if you want change, you have to be involved.”
The final results will be tallied later tonight, with the announcement of the 45th president to follow.