Students learn about college life at College Night


Stephanie Colinders

On the evening of Nov. 1, students and parents eagerly walked through the doors of Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School to see which university representatives were waiting inside. College Night is an annual event where over 50 universities send alumni to represent their school and to recruit potential students. Predominantly populated by upperclassmen and their parents, this school-run function allows the students to connect with different colleges and learn more about them. To aid uncertain teenagers in their search, orange cards were handed out by the entrance with the title, “20 Questions to ask College Representatives”, which also included reflection tips to be followed after looking at all the schools.

Students and parents visited tables set up by various college and university representatives
Students and parents visited tables set up by various college and university representatives

Both gyms, the cafeteria, and the multi-purpose room were filled to the brim with students bustling around in search of a college that might suit their interests. Each school had its own table, and most had a poster display, university pamphlet, and a sign-up card that allowed students to receive emails or texts regarding university information. Behind each table stood charismatic college representatives who were more than happy to help any student or parent with their inquiries.
The displays of high-ranking schools such as Princeton, the University of Virginia, and Tufts were not found in any of the main rooms, but in separate designated classrooms. The door to each classroom was decorated with the school’s colors, logos, and more. Crowds of students and parents could be seen huddled around each doorway, all anxious to find out more information about the schools.
The room occupied by the University of Virginia

This event has been sponsored by the College Club for the past 30 years and is beneficial to high school students. The College Club of Scotch Plains-Fanwood is a service organization dedicated to granting and assisting the young women of SPF with scholarships and every year, they kindly cover the cost of running College Night because of their philanthropic nature and desire to help the students of the community with their college searches.
Overall, College Night was a success and left the students with a redefined sense of direction and purpose.