Battlefield 1 surges into popularity


Kevin Eviner

It’s finally out! Well it’s been out for around a week now but nevertheless , it’s out! After months of advertising from the very popular video game company EA,  the game play and cinematic trailers that left us in awe, and an invigorating public beta test, Battlefield 1 is in stores. But the question is, did EA and DICE, another video game company, let the gaming community down like they have in the past or has the game finally lived up to the hype?
For those who are unaware, Battlefield 1 is a new first person shooter video game that takes place back in World War I and puts you in the trenches with soldiers. In this game, you get to experience the shift that the world took from traditional technologies to more modern weapons, as you push to capture an objective or defend against the opposing team.
In the past, Battlefield games have been known for their massive multiplayer games where you can play with people online in a team oriented game mode. This hasn’t changed much, as teamwork and coordination are an extremely big factor in order to win a match in the new game. DICE has once again aimed to create a good single player campaign and they might have just hit the nail on the head. The campaign has found a balance where the difficulty of the missions are complemented by the excitement and fun you get out of them. What the single player, or “War Stories” do is put you in the boots of soldiers experiencing the tragedies and hardships that the Great War brought. It’s not like you’re just playing as infantry either, you can play as an Italian Arditi elite soldier where you cut down A.I. with a heavy machine gun and a suit of armor, or you can play as a young British heavy tank driver pushing into the front lines.
But this new and improved version of the  Battlefield campaign isn’t the only side of the game that has evolved, DICE has also given us a new, and might I say seriously fun, game mode called “Operations”. This is an attack versus defense type game mode, where you are put up against online players and can either push into objectives to claim sectors, or you can defend these sectors while facing off against multiple waves of attackers. This game

Kevin Eviner demonstrates the revival glitch in Battlefield 1

mode has quickly become a fan favorite because you can play with up to 64 people in a small map, which causes a disorienting yet invigorating close quarters battle that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.  The only bad thing that comes in the package with any game made by EA, are the constant and sometimes funny glitches. There are too many to go over, but some include animation canceling when reloading and trying to lay down at the same time. Also, if a horse can get under a tank or any heavy vehicle, the armored vehicle will immediately blow up because the horse licked it. Some issues remain constant, such as after you’ve been revived, the game will not let you shoot.
EA and DICE definitely should have had longer beta testing to polish their game off before releasing it to the public, but overall the game is still a fun experience and definitely worth the hefty price tag.