iOS Update and The New iPhone 7


Michelle Cagnassola

Apple recently released its next-generation smartphone, the iPhone 7, as well as an updated software, iOS 10. There has been much controversy surrounding the iPhone 7, its accessories, and the software update.
One of the biggest issues with the iPhone 7 is the earphones; not only are they retailed at $159, but they are cordless. That’s right, Apple has completely curtailed the wires. Although Apple is known for its innovation, this may offer evidence that suggests they are running out of ideas. There has been a warranted concern about losing the ear pods since there is no cord.  Apple’s new iphone has brought new software and new designs to the table.  To counteract the unpopularity of the AirPods, Apple has created a cord that can be plugged in through the charging port.  The cord is a simple solution for all who want their headphones to be attached.  
Apple is continuing to push for a slimmer, sleeker phone.  The iPhone’s new features include new camera systems that helps zoom performance, and more user-friendly texting does leave consumers wanting more.  In addition to the phone’s slimmer appearance, the new phone comes with multiple accessories which include a new charging stand.  Apple also has a new design allowing consumers to “customize” to their preference.  The matte black option is for some who prefer a darker look, and the infamous headphones that come in a small plastic carrying case.   
Sophomore Kevin Calabria, who recently bought the iPhone 7, shares his personal opinions on the phone’s new features and design.  
“My favorite thing about the new iphone update iOS 10 is probably messaging, it’s a lot more fun now,” Calabria said.  “The [iPhone]7 Plus is great I actually adore the camera and I love 3D touch which I didn’t have before, so that’s pretty cool.”
Calabria also critiques the new iPhone on parts he disliked.
“Something I don’t like about the new phone is the home button at first I kind of liked it, but I kind of miss pressing it,” Calabria said. “Update-wise, I really don’t like that you have to press down in order to get into your phone. I rather [the] swipe.”  
Calabria thinks that the new technology isn’t so much innovative but is effective. Although there are minor faults and dislikes among the new phone, it seems that Calabria and many others are in agreement with the new phone and find it minimal and not much different from the previous generations.
After quick launch, it seems that the new iPhone 7 and the iOS update has been buzzing around with positive rumors making it a hit with buyers.  Among the midst of the technology world, it seems that  each new device is topping the other with greater technological abilities to have new software capabilities.