Apple says “Hello again” with the updated MacBook Pro


Reina Makimura

Only two months after the announcement that Apple’s latest gadget, the iPhone 7, would be released, Apple hosted a second event called “hello again.” Although it introduced tvOS, further explained the previously announced AirPods, and announced additions to the Apple Watch, the primary focus was on the new line of MacBook Pros. Since 2006, Apple has been running the successful line of MacBooks, which are currently the thinnest and fastest running high quality laptops.
The MacBook Pro has been updated in almost every way, and the price has risen $300. Is it worth it? The new MacBook Pro does features a slimmer and more efficient design with a more accurate keyboard and quieter fans. The display is brighter, and shows up to 130% faster graphics. It is the most colorful of all Apple products, with vivid image quality and a larger color range available. The speakers have also been improved: they were completely redesigned to be louder and made perfect for complex tasks such as editing soundtracks, or something as simple as watching Netflix.
However the most attractive feature is the new Touch Bar.
The Touch Bar is a digital bar that replaces the top row of keys on the current models; with a single tap, users can open multiple different panels, easily reaching the brightness and volume settings. It also makes editing both photos and soundtracks more interactive and easier. When a user receives an incoming call, it can be answered or declined with a tap on the Touch Bar – and the cursor never has to move.
The Touch Bar also features a Touch ID sensor. Similar to the way an iPhone works, users can now use fingerprint identification t to verify ownership. The laptop can now be signed into, users switched, and bills paid with just a fingerprint.
These exciting and innovative updates to the MacBook Pro will make the Apple experience that much better, and more expensive.