2016 Fall Sports Preview: Cheerleading


Robert Fallo

photo by Peter Warren


   With the fall season  approaching, the arrival of the Raider cheerleaders on the sidelines is quickly coming.

   A summer of hard work has prepared the cheerleaders for all the events they will attend this fall. The group is excited for the upcoming season, especially the events that promote school spirit.

   “We are most excited for the pep rally,” head coach Melinda Toto said.

   Leading the group will be senior captains Emily Levitt, Nicolette Lorusso and Bree Sorrentino. The captains will lead chants and provide any kind of help the underclassmen may need.

   “Since I am a captain, I just really want to be loud and be a good role model for the girls,” Levitt said.

   The captains have already done their due diligence, and the team’s competitive skill has made Toto content.

   “I hope they’re happy about what they accomplished: new dance, new stunts,” Toto said. “I want them to have fun. As long as they have fun, that’s all I care about.”

    But what gets the cheerleaders most excited are their gameday performances.

   “The best part of cheerleading is hitting a difficult stunt and then seeing the faces of the crowd,” Levitt said.

   The cheerleaders will be ready to amaze the crowd at all Raider football games, home and away, and at their own competitions later this school year.