Represent your school's graduating class with class rings

Majeda Mohammed

Examples of class rings
Rings are typically thought to be given out for sports. State championships, world titles-the list goes on. Class rings, however, are something that everyone in a graduating class can share.
Class rings come in an extensive amount of cuts, shapes, colors, and designs. There’s something for everyone. You can decide to get a blue stone, to represent your schools colors. Or a red one, in honor of your birth stone. The bands can be wide and thick or incredibly thin-same goes for the stone. There are several different saying, logos, and symbols that can be engraved onto the band. They are customized and fitted for each student, making them personal while also shared.
While the options seem to be endless, the rings do tend to be expensive. However, they are tokens that can last a lifetime. Arguably, the cost is worth the product.
Class rings are a fashionable way to represent your graduating class and your school spirit. If you’re looking for a long lasting, trendy way to represent four years of your life, class rings are something to consider.