'Rocking Horse Rehab' horses rehabilitate disabled children and adults


Michelle Cagnassola

Rocking Horse Rehab uses specialized therapy (known as hippotherapy) to help kids and adults escape from reality and have fun. Hippotherapy is a treatment used for people to help rehabilitate and gain strength using horses. Located in West Orange, New Jersey, a task force of volunteers and interns are working hard to help children and adults battle disabilities and mentally-debilitating disorders. Not only is horseback riding aiding these children and adults with exercise, but riding also teaches their clients how to work with animals and cope with situations. The employees are volunteers and interns helping out to receive experience in similar fields.  
The children are a blast to work with, and they all have great personalities and show up with a smile and great attitude. The horses they use are trained to work with disabled children and adults. Hippotherapy is a great way for parents to watch their children interact and have fun while being in a safe atmosphere. The child and adult have supervision at all times, with side walkers to help keep the client secure and an instructor to help instruct through the lesson.  Rocking Horse Rehab is an eye-opening experience and a wonderful way to get involved.