Boys Lacrosse Defeated by St. Peter's Prep 11-10


David Ehrenthal

The boys lacrosse team lost in a close battle with St. Peter’s Prep on Thursday to a score of 11-10.
The undefeated St. Peter’s Prep was certainly put to the test when the Raiders, with a record of 4-1, came to play.
After the first quarter, St. Peter’s Prep was winning 5-0. Senior Scott Nizolak scored the first goal for SPF, bringing the score up to 6-1. This goal was followed by junior David Walker, bringing the score to 6-2. By the end of the first half, Raiders were making a comeback with a score of 7-3.
Starting of the second half, freshman Cooper Heisey hurled the ball past the keeper, bringing the score to 7-4. With only 4 minutes and fifty-one seconds left in the third quarter, Raiders were only losing by 2 with a score 8-6.
Nizolak, and junior Richie Nardone both achieved hat tricks, leading the team with 3 goals each. Robert Gordon, Jordan Belford, Walker, and Heisey added to the score with 1 goal each.
“We dug ourselves into a hole early on, making it harder for us to come back in the end,” said Nardone. “Now we know what we need to work on.”IMG_8376
It was a great effort by the boys, especially because the game was accompanied by blazing heat.