The Home Stretch: Updates on Hudson and Penelope


Alyssa Cordero

photo by Alyssa Cordero

As the school year comes to an end, these last few months are not only important to underclassmen, but especially to seniors. During this period of time, many seniors are committing to their schools and preparing for the next phase of their life: college. If you missed Hudson and Penelope’s last update, check it out here.
Hudson’s hard work throughout the school year has certainly paid off because he has committed to Centenary College!
As Hudson has finally picked his school, it is time to reveal the mystery senior: Nick Robins!
“I felt like I accomplished something.” said Robins as he reflected on receiving his acceptance letter from his top school.  “ I was proud of it.”
Robins was also accepted into Montclair State University, St. Joseph’s University, and East Stroudsburg University. Despite his wide range of choices, he chose Centenary College because of its small size compared to other schools and his interest in going into a psychology program.
One of the aspects of college that Robins is most looking forward to is rooming with his best friend, Alfonso Amore.
Even though Robin’s college application process has come to a successful end, The Fanscotian will continue to provide updates on Robins’ journey towards college.
Just like Nick, Penelope’s college application process is coming to a close. Penelope has heard back from all of her schools.
Penelope has been accepted Rutgers, University of Pittsburgh, University of Rochester, George Washington, Case Western, Brooklyn College, Stony Brook, Penn State and University of Connecticut. She was waitlisted for University of Virginia and denied from Tufts University.
Penelope was particularly happy about the acceptances from her two top schools, Rochester University and Case Western University.
“It is a validation of all of my work throughout the years,” said Penelope. “It was very exciting.”
Although Penelope is set to make her decision within the next week, some factors have changed concerning which school she will pick.
“I used to not be concerned about distance, but now I’m thinking, ‘maybe I don’t want to go too far away,’” said Penelope. “I’m trying to keep it within a manageable driving distance.”
Penelope has mentioned before that she wants to venture into the medical field. All of her schools have great medical programs, so whichever school she chooses to attend will certainly guide her towards her future. Penelope plans to go on the normal pre-med track attending a four year college, taking the MCAT, and then applying to med school.
Academics are not the only thing on Penelope’s mind. She looks forward to several extracurriculars in college.
“I like to dance so if [the school] has a dance team, that is something that I want to do,” said Penelope. “I love to volunteer so if there is a local animal shelter or hospital that I can volunteer at I would love to do that.”
As the school year is ending and Penelope has heard back from all of her schools, a lot of stress has been lifted from her shoulders.
“I feel happy and relieved that the process is over and it’s just making a decision. I know I’m going to make a good decision,” said Penelope.
As Penelope is set to make her decision soon, The Fanscotian will be sure to capture every important moment in her college application process.