The College App Through the Vision of an SPF Senior


Alyssa Cordero

graphic by Alyssa Cordero

When one thinks about the pinnacle of high school year, the mind immediately jumps to junior year. College visits, the dreaded SAT, the freedom of getting a license: the hardest year of high school. Those are the thoughts that come to mind… BEFORE senior year. The end of junior year not only marks the end of a stressful year, but marks the year that a junior-turned-senior begins their journey towards adulthood. Thus begins the college application process.
An SPF senior boy agreed to allow The Fanscotian to document his senior year, and more specifically, his special journey. In order to protect the senior’s identity, he will go under the guise: Hudson.
Unlike most seniors, Hudson began his process at the end of September. With the help of his parents and guidance counselor, he is set to send in his applications within the next week. Placing the bulk of his work at the beginning of the school year alleviated plenty of stress for Hudson. “I feel good. I have less to do now, now that the stuff is over.” said Hudson.
“The stuff” refers to essays, SAT’s scores, and teacher recommendations. When choosing his teachers, Hudson picked two of his english teachers, Frank Capron and Allison Weigel because, “English was a natural resource.”
Before filling out applications, one of the hardest parts of the college process is actually choosing which colleges to apply to. Hudson decided to apply to eight schools spread out throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Though size and proximity from SPF was not a major issue for Hudson, he wanted schools that were in good areas and that had programs pertaining to his desired major: psychology.
“I kept having this feeling that I would be able to get into talk therapy as a career. I just like helping people.” said Hudson. His extracurriculars of Psychology club, Bible Club, and Trivia Bowl also reflect Hudson’s desire to serve others.
Hudson leaves SPF’s current seniors with a piece of advice.  “If you’re applying to certain schools, don’t overdo it,” he said. “Give some time to have a plan and have it thought out. Have it done day by day.