Trivia club, new addition to SPF's list of clubs


Kevin Rohman

The Trivia Bowl is a brand new club, founded early this year by Senior Arthur Rohman. The club meets Wednesdays after school in room 211 to practice answering questions as fast as they can. These questions can be about anything: sports, history, celebrities, music. The topics are endless and various. For anyone looking to join, no real prior knowledge or studying is required. All you need to do is show up on time and do your best.
“Any kind of student can really find the Trivia Bowl fun,” said Rohman. “If you know something, you’ll be good, and everyone knows something.”
This year, the club has two main goals, to gain new members– particularly people who are knowledgeable in the areas of art or literature– and to compete with other schools in the region. Anyone hoping to join the Trivia Bowl is welcome.