Plus-size models highlight body positivity


Haley Nakonechny

   Everyone’s body is different. Some may be short and wear a size eight, while some can be tall wear the same size. The idea of plus-size sets a stigma that being a certain size is a bad thing, since the word plus-size tends to have a negative connotation.
   In the modeling world, plus size is defined as any model a size eight and up even though most companies and stores do not start their plus-size lines until at least a size sixteen. These averages do not line up to the national average sizes of women. In the United States alone, the average woman is a size eight, making the average woman considered “plus-size.”
   In recent months, plus-size models are gaining more recognition for their work in the fashion field.  This year alone, New York Fashion Week saw an unprecedented increase of these models.  Ashley Graham, Sabina Karlsson, Denise Bidot, and Beth Ditto were included in this stellar lineup.
   Probably the most popular and influential model, Ryann Maegen Hoven, more commonly known as Tess Holliday, has started a hashtag movement called “#effyourbeautystandards” to spread body positivity among everyone, regardless of shape, size, or race. Her movement has been wildly successful, garnering close to one million posts on Instagram so far. Pictures tagged with this hashtag include all types of women, wearing what makes them confident, even if it is not technically socially “appropriate” for their body type.
   Her main goal is for everyone to feel beautiful and confident in their own body, and the trend has been wildly successful. She is blurring the lines between plus-sizes and smaller sizes, making all sizes considered normal.  
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