Food, clubs, and oversized gloves: what you missed at Raider Carnival


Saleena Nival

The Raider Carnival hit the school on Oct. 24 with clubs, food, and festivities. The annual event, formerly known as Raiderfest, began during halftime of the Homecoming football game and ended at five in the evening.
As in previous years, many SPF students volunteered at the Raider Carnival to represent clubs such as Habitat for Humanity, the Italian Club, Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA, formerly known as the Gay Straight Alliance club), the Photography Club, the Dance Team, Student Government Association, and many more. “We’re trying to establish ourselves as a real club,” said senior and co-President of SAGA, Celeste Cappadoccia. “It’s going pretty well. A lot of people seem to be doing a lot of activities and buying things.”
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Clubs sold food and drinks, such as hot chocolate, cotton candy, and pizza, and plenty of festivities were enjoyed. On top of a bouncy house ball game, life-sized  pong, and arcade basketball hoops, a widely popular activity was boxing with comically over-proportioned,  gloves.
“Raider Carnival is fun because it’s a new way for students to see new clubs and interact with each other,” said senior Stephanie Lucas. “I love seeing everyone and meeting new people.”
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