New Instagram Trend: Thighbrows

Ciara Nicdao- Richardson

This new trend has some mixed reviews online.
This new trend has some mixed reviews online. Many people were initially confused about the purpose of thighbrows.

“Thigh brows” are the latest instagram trend that everyone is raving about, but what are they and how did this trend start?  
A “thigh brow” refers to the skin that rolls over the top of thigh when you bend forward, sit or kneel. This new buzz word started popping around after celebrities like the Kardashians and Beyonce posted photos of themselves wearing bikinis.  Even though the name sounds ridiculous, thigh brows are a body-positive trend. Unlike trends like the “thigh gap,” thigh brows are attainable because they occur on every body type. Now all women can participate in a body trend and be proud of the way they look.
If thigh brows can become this popular, imagine the potential for body positivity in the future!