Faulty smoke detector causes unexpected high school evacuation


photo by Ciara Nicdao

Haley Nakonechny

photo by Ciara Nicdao
At approximately 2:05 this afternoon, the hallways echoed with the sound of the screeching fire alarm, and students shuffled out of the building. As the minutes ticked by, evacuated students began to realize something was wrong. “I’m really confused because it’s taking a long time and nobody is telling us anything,” said senior Natalie Zimmerman.
Police officers arrived at the scene with the fire department following soon after. Students and faculty speculated different scenarios to explain the event.  “It has to be real, if we are staying out here for so long,” said English teacher Candace Keller.
Minutes before the usual dismissal time, students and faculty were allowed back inside the building.  “There was a malfunctioning smoke alarm,” said Dr. Heisey. “Since the alarm was on the roof, it took quite a while before we could find it and be sure that it was safe to reenter the building.”
Firemen investigated the situation and determined that there was no threat to students and staff.