2015 NFL Draft preview


Each year, National Football League (NFL) fans do hours of countless research on the potential picks of their favorite teams. The draft is important for every team, but for different reasons. For powerhouses such as the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, the draft is a way to ensure continued success in the future, while more disappointing teams, such as the local New York Giants and Jets, aim to improve by adding young talent to their rosters. This NFL Draft Preview will be split up into three parts: an analysis of the riskiest prospects, as well as previews for the drafts of both the Giants and Jets.
Riskiest Prospects
Draft prospects are young, and dealing with the pressure of entering the NFL Draft can be hard to deal with. An essential aspect of drafting successfully is identifying the riskiest prospects, and determining the best time to draft them. Drafting these players too early over potentially “safer” prospects, could prove to be detrimental not only to the team’s draft class, but to their success in the coming seasons. These are some of the riskiest prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft.
Shane Ray- It recently became known that Missouri edge rusher Shane Ray had been cited for speeding and marijuana possession on April 27. Ray began the draft process as a potential top 10 pick, but had seen his draft stock take a hit due to athleticism concerns, and the potential for surgery on his ailing foot. The fact that this occurred so close to April 30, draft day, is even more troublesome, as it makes it difficult for teams to learn more about what truly happened. Will teams be okay drafting Ray even if their questions fail to be answered before draft day?
Randy Gregory- Gregory was a potential Top 5 pick at the beginning of the draft process. A 6-foot-5, 235 pound edge rusher, from University of Nebraska,  with elite athleticism and quickness, Gregory was coveted by multiple teams, many of which needed to improve their pass rush. However, questions now surround the talented 22 year old after it was revealed that he failed his NFL Combine drug test, due to testing positive for marijuana. It was later discovered that this was not his first trouble with marijuana. His potential is undeniable, but NFL teams are surely doing research to determine whether Gregory will be able to overcome his past issues.
Marcus Peters– Peters is arguably the most talented cornerback in the draft. At 6-foot and 197 pounds, he has the size and the physicality to match up against NFL wide receivers. He is also widely considered to be one of the best playmakers at his position. With that being said, there remains a considerable downside to drafting Peters as well. Peters’s behavioral issues have been well documented during the time leading up to the draft. His inability to be coached at University of Washington eventually led to his dismissal from the team. Teams in need of a cornerback in the first round must decide whether Peters will be able to put his past behind him, and take the necessary coaching at the next level.
Dorial Green-Beckham– Green-Beckham is perhaps the most troublesome prospect in the draft. A high-upside wide receiver from the University of Oklahoma, not only has Green-Beckham had troubles with the law, but he was also kicked off the football team. Like Gregory, Green-Beckham was arrested twice for marijuana-related incidents. Additionally, Green-Beckham was investigated for burglary and assault, after allegedly pushing a woman down the stairs (although he never faced charges for the incidents). Green-Beckham has the potential to be one of the best wide receivers from the 2015 draft class, but he must first prove that he can handle the pressure. Being in the national spotlight would be tough for anyone, let alone someone as young as these three players. One thing remains clear, they must straighten out their issues if they want any chance of succeeding in the NFL.
Top Needs: OL, DL, S, TE, CB
First Round Pick Matches:
–       Brandon Scherff, OT, University of Iowa
–       Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford University
–       Landon Collins, S, University of Alabama
–       Shane Ray, OLB, University of Missouri
Fan Pick:
“I would love for the Giants to draft Amari Cooper because if they did, they would have three very dangerous receivers with Odell Beckham and Victor Cruz. It would be very difficult for opposing defenses to cover the three of them and worry about the Giant’s run game at the same time. Drafting another talented wide receiver could be the key to a successful 2015 for the Giants. [If they draft a defensive player], Vic Beasly. The Giants have been inconsistent at linebacker over the past few years, and a player with Beasly’s potential would really help us.” – Senior Michael Iarrapino
Top Needs: QB, OLB, OL, RB, WR
First Round Pick Matches:
–       Brandon Scherff, OT, University of Iowa
–        Amari Cooper, WR, University of Alabama
–        Kevin White, WR, West Virginia University
–        Dante Fowler, OLB, University of Florida
–        Randy Gregory, EDGE, University of Nebraska
Fan Pick:
“I want either Kevin White or Amari Cooper because the Jets need a young, explosive receiver that they can develop when Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall get to the end of their prime. [If they draft a defensive player I would like it to be] Dante Fowler Jr., to add the explosive pass rusher that our defense has been missing for years.” – Senior Chris Turso