How to have a runway-ready cast

Haley Nakonechny

Have you ever broken a bone and had to deal with a bulky, unsightly cast?  Dealing with one can be very hard– trust me, I know from experience.  In fact, just typing this article is extremely difficult for me! Luckily, you all have an experienced fellow victim to help all of you poor, unfortunate, cast-wearing souls.

This is an example of your average cast. It is graffitied with the names of people who probably do not even care how you broke your limb (I broke my thumb at lacrosse practice… thanks for asking). It looks like a boring, cluttered mess. This is not pretty or an acceptable way to make your cast look fashionable.  “A” for effort, but “F” for the lack of fashion.



While there is not much going on, these casts excel at simplicity. These are really great for the minimalists out there– although, I think a more creative cast would definitely score extra fashion points. My only question: how did the person on the left break both ankles at once?

A creative twist on the typical cast is doing a dual-colored cast. It adds to the wow factor and makes your cast a conversation-starter. These are great examples of a popular trend: colorblocking. It is not as bland as the last examples of casts, and it adds more color to your day!  If I knew the cast on the right was an option for me I would have definitely chosen that one!  Why did no one tell me about this? People…

A common theme among foot casts is covered toes. In these cases, the colors of the socks blend well with the color of the cast. I think this is a great approach, especially during wintertime.  No more accidentally risking frostbite whenever going out in the snow! Also, it seems hard to hit up a nail salon wearing a cast looking like this; the sock can hide your unsightly non-pedicured feet! Because let us be real. No one wants to see that.


Finally, the last arrangement of ways to decorate your cast. Each of these casts showcases brilliant designs. What better way to strut around town than to have artwork covering parts of your body?  It is like a temporary tattoo, but slightly more permanent…if that makes any sense. These designs are probably the best way to spruce up your cast so it can be runway ready.

There are many options you can utilize to have the prettiest cast on the block. Follow any of the fashionable examples, and you will be the most stylish cast-onista out there!