Factual 2015 vs. Fictional 2015: ‘Back to the Future II’ draws line

Factual 2015 vs. Fictional 2015: ‘Back to the Future II’ draws line

Blake Mackey

The classic film “Back to the Future Part II” features time travel to the then futuristic year of 2015. The film has been seen in a new light since the arrival of the new year. “Back to the Future Part II” stars Michael J. Fox as a teenage timetraveler named Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as the brainy Doctor Emmett Brown. The two travel to 2015 so McFly and his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, played by Elizabeth Shue, could help their future children. Throughout the film, the characters learn of the differences in society between the present and the future. With 2015 finally upon us, it is evident that there are some key differences between the depiction of 2015 in “Back to the Future II” and the 2015 that we live in today.

   Marty McFly’s famous Nike shoes, which instantly lace up at the press of a button, may not be in existence today, but viewers have long wished for a pair. Nike has announced that shoes inspired by McFly’s are currently in development, called the Air MAGs. Just like the shoes in the movie, the Air MAGs will feature self-lacing technology and will light up with the press of a button. The shoes are expected to release in late 2015.  “I would’ve liked to see Nike’s self-laced shoes ever since I was little, because I have always hated tying my shoes,” said AV Club President Matthew Goetz.

   Not every gadget from the movie has been invented. Hendo Hoverboards have been funded on kickstarter as of Dec. 15, 2014, but they won’t be the same as in the movie. Unlike the movie, Hendo Hoverboards will only be able to work on a magnetic surface, as opposed to being used on the streets like in the movie.

   Another gadget that has not yet been developed is the “Holomax” movie. In “Back to the Future II,” Holomax movies are movies that are projected as holograms. While 3D movies are similar to the idea of Holomax movies, they are not quite the same. Holomax movies invented a tangible hologram creating a true 3D image, as opposed to 3D movies using glasses to create a 3D illusion.

   Future technology was not the only thing predicted in the classic film. The film predicted the Chicago Cubs winning the 2015 World Series. During the movie, Doc Brown sees a news article reporting that the Cubs had won the World Series against Miami on Oct. 21, 2015. However, this prediction is only partially true. It did predict that Miami would have a Major League team by 2015, but the Cubs cannot win the 2015 World Series against Miami, as they are both National League teams.

   While the movie did miss a few predictions, what it was able to predict correctly was impressive. Even without the predictions, the movie left a lasting impression on it’s audience. It inspired new creative aspirations from classic set pieces in the movie. “Back to the Future Part II” not only tried to predict future cultures, but it left a lasting impact on the medium.