Crossword Puzzle Hints!


Sabrina Khan

By Sabrina Khan
8. “Interstellar” actor is Matthew McConaughey.
11. This type of injury is treated by Functional Performance Therapy (FTP).
12. Actor Jodie Sweetin wrote this memoir after she starred in “Full House” as a child.
14. A country in Africa. The village’s name is Kowak.
15. Using teaching as a study strategy.
17. Ailee (Amy Lee) is a Korean-Pop singer from SPFHS.
18. “The monthly American fashion culture magazine.”
19. Located at 741 North Stiles Street, Linden, NJ.
1. Students can apply to a university and hear back as early as September
2. Brain _____ .
3. This person also happens to have the same last name as the actor who plays Katniss
4. Biology, chemistry, and physics are taught in this wing.
5. Also TV Arts, TV Production, Advanced TV, TV Journalism, AV Club, Film Appreciation Club, and the Rep Theatre stage crew teacher/advisor.
6. This organization supports SPFHS graduate Jacob Wustefeld.
7. The capital of the nation that speaks this language is Munich.
9. 1960 SPFHS graduate and Hall of Fame inductee.
10. They serve empanadas and Churrasco con chimichurri.
13. New club started by Daniel and Caroline Babis.
16. Great basketball team and physical therapy program. (NOT her match school, Towson University.)