Long time advisor Doug Hooper resigns, Raymond Moskal takes his place


Haley Nakonechny

by Haley Nakonechny

   Raider News is the longest student run newscast in the nation, and it was previously run by DougHooper.  However, in the wake of his retirement a new advisor, Raymond Moskal, has been appointed to run the class.

   Raymond Moskal, who teaches TV Arts, TV Production, Advanced TV, TV Journalism, and runs AV Club, Film Appreciation Club, and the stage crew for Rep Theatre, has taken on the duty of running Raider News.

   While growing up he wasn’t very involved in film and production, but while in college, he found his love for the subject.  “I just kind of fell into it and fell in love with it,” said Moskal.

   Although the major change to Raider News is their new advisor, Moskal has also implemented some new changes to the class.  “All four years of college I was involved in the campus radio station and I ended up running the campus radio station my last year at college,” said Moskal.  “We brought in equipment to get podcasts, so now we run a couple times a week, a podcast out of the Raider News room.  I like doing it and I’m pretty proud of how it’s come along so far.”

   Podcasts run four times a week and are available on iTunes.  New Raider News correspondent, sophomore Katherine McGowen, is part of the team that makes these podcasts.  McGowen is a huge fan of the podcasts and loves being a part of them.  “I enjoy doing my podcasts and being able to voice my opinion on whatever I want,” said McGowen.

   Other students, like junior Matt Oslliso, are also a part of the newly added podcast change.  And although this is only his first year in Raider News, he agrees with the changes that Moskal is making and praises him as a teacher.  “[Moskal] knows how to keep everything organized and make everything run smoothly,” said Oslliso.  “I think he is doing an awesome job and is really making it work.”

   Even though he may already    seem like a pro at running Raider News, this class is completely different than anything Moskal has taught so far. In the other classes he teaches and clubs he runs, all work involves set projects, like for his Intro to TV class, or is mostly student-run, like the AV Club he runs.

   The biggest change about running Raider News for Moskal is the deadlines he has to set.  “There are no deadlines with anything else I do,” said Moskal.  “I try my best to get out four podcasts a week and a show a month.  So deadlines are big, a little crazy and something I have to get used to more.” But in any class, there are difficulties to overcome, and Moskal is thriving at overcoming everything.

   Moskal and Raider News are off to a great start so far this year and are looking forward to a great year.  Go check out  Raider News’ latest video at their youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/RaidersNews.