"Endless Love" remake perfect for romantics

by Bella Bernardo
Endless Love was first a book written by Scott Spencer in 1979. The novel is narrated by David Axelrod as he looks back on the summer he was 17 and fell in love with the shielded Jade Butterfield. His passion eventually becomes obsessive and hurtful.
The novel’s first film adaptation, which premiered in 1981 and starred Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt, was nearly identical to the book.
In the newest film version, however, the names of the characters are the only real parallels with the book and the first movie.
The remake of Endless Love stars Gabrielle Wilde and Alex Pettyfer as Jade and David, who fall in love despite having grown up in different environments.
David is the classic bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks who has a hot temper and a criminal record. Meanwhile, Jade grew up wealthy and is sheltered by her overprotective father.
There is no doubt that Endless Love’s 2014 adaptation is the superior of the two films.
“I didn’t know that Endless
Love was a remake when I saw it,
but I don’t think the old version could top this one,” said sophomore Laura Charos. “It was a great movie and the actors were perfect.”
The most recent version of Endless Love shows the pair’s love strengthen from beginning to end. Seeing their relationship start gives the audience a reason to root for the couple to stay together, though Jade’s father tries to keep them ­­­­­apart.
A series of misfortunes also plague the couple, from fires to car crashes, and it seems again and again that Jade and David will split forever.
However, the young lovers continue to return to one another, proving their peers, families and the audience wrong.
Endless Love is a classic tale of forbidden love that is sure to attract hopeless romantics who believe that true love will always prevail.
“Endless Love had the perfect amount of corny chick flick qualities, but it also made the viewers feel sympathy for the main characters,” said senior Megan Foley.