SMAC Holds the 2022-2023 Annual Kick-off For Relay For Life

Grayce Mattos, Staff Writer

On February 23 and 24, SMAC (Student Movement Against Cancer) held their annual kick-off for Relay For Life. The kick-off took place during PE periods so that all students could participate in the fun activities they had planned.


Balloons, hula-hoops and all sorts of decorations filled the gym. Music played non-stop to keep the crowd pumped up for the activities ahead. There were games and competitions where students could win either real gifts or bragging rights and everyone was up for the challenge.


SMAC was created at SPFHS back in 2001 when student Rob Mattar was diagnosed with cancer. Students from the school decided to hold fundraisers, rallies and all sorts of different events to raise money for cancer in order to support their friend. All of their hard work resulted in the Student’s Movement Against Cancer. Today, SMAC can be found in sixteen schools across the country. 


“Relay for Life is an event created by the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research and treatment. [It] is an event to honor those who have battled cancer and caregivers,” Ava Billotto, co-president of SMAC said. 


Billotto has been involved in SMAC since her freshman year.


Relay for Life is one of the biggest fundraising events in the world. Their goal is to bring communities together in order to attack cancer through a community fundraiser walk. 


“Each year during the winter, SMAC hosts our Relay for Life Kickoff,” SMAC Advisor Ms. Boyce said. “During the kickoff, we provide a presentation that gives more information about our upcoming Relay for Life event and how to get involved. After our presentation, we host a variety of games that are similar to some of the events that will take place at our Relay for Life event,” Boyce said.


These kick-offs are essential each year since they increase the interest and participation in the Relay for Life. 


It is important to have these kick offs each year because they provide an opportunity to spread awareness about the effects of cancer and spread awareness of an important event in our community,” Boyce said. “For students who are not involved in the SMAC club, they have an opportunity to learn about the event and maybe learn about ways to get more involved with the fight against cancer.”