Valentines Day: Falling Out of Love For An Overrated Holiday


Connor Matulonis, Staff Writer

On Feb. 14, Americans go crazy for the holiday of hearts. Stores fill up their aisles with stuffed animals, boxed chocolates and floral arrangements. But does this even remind you of love? To me it just sounds like a celebration of capitalism. 


Not only does Valentine’s Day have no important background but it’s not even that far away from the winter holidays. Americans empty their pockets annually on silly items to show love to others, but does this ever become obsessive?


Love should be celebrated and shown in ways that don’t involve big spending. The true meaning of love shouldn’t come from bargain or greed. I’m sure that your significant other would rather spend time doing something the both of you enjoy than eating hard chocolates out of a heart-shaped box.


“I like the concept behind the holiday, but I think it’s a little overrated”, SPFHS Sophomore Abby Bender said.


Societal expectations pressure people to buy Valentine’s Day gifts. Not buying a gift for your significant other is often viewed as being selfish or uninterested. When these issues come into play, it becomes a game of “who bought the more expensive gift”.


“Even though Valentine’s Day is a nice holiday, it’s pointless and a way for businesses to get people to spend more money”, SPFHS Sophomore Shana Amsellem said.


So whether you go out spending money for Valentine’s Day or not, just remember, love and affection doesn’t have to come out of your wallet.