The Fanscotian’s Valentine’s Day Guide 2023


Jada Montgomery, Sports Editor

Scrolling through your favorite couple’s TikTok posts, wishing it was you? Watching 2000s rom coms by your lonesome? Debating whether or not it’s socially acceptable to buy yourself a Valentine’s Day theme edible arrangement? Take your Valentine’s day FOMO and bring it here, because The Fanscotian has the perfect Valentine’s Day guide for singles. 

Step One: The Grub 

Here’s a small list of restaurants you can grab a sweet or savory treat from on Tuesday:

  1. A great day for sweets lovers as Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme are offering limited time heart shaped donuts for customers, not only on Valentine’s Day, but throughout the month of February.
  2. Big Ice Cream Fan? Run over to your local Dairy Queen for their Heart Shaped Blizzard cake!
  3. Love a good cookie? Head over to Insomnia Cookies to see their special Valentine’s Day lineup. New flavors include Red Velvet, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry and Vegan Red Velvet Cookies N Cream!
  4. Run to the mall! Auntie Anne’s is offering heart shaped pretzels on Valentine’s Day only!
  5. Sweeten up your Starbucks run! Grab a Valentine’s Day themed cake pop available February 14.
  6. Chocolate or Chicken? Stop by Chick-Fil-A, and order 30 count nuggets in a special heart shaped box!
  7. We were serious about the Edible Arrangements.  Find a store near you and buy the ultimate gift to yourself!

Step Two: The Supplies 

  1. Now that you have a snack, it’s time to get set for your comfortable night in! 
  2. Invest in some new candles, wax melts or essential oils to make your space relaxing. 
  3. Purchase or pull out your favorite weighted blanket or snuggy.

Step Three: Platonic Love 

Valentines don’t always have to be a romantic interest. Spend this day of love with any person or animal you love! 

Step Four: Music or Movies? 

Jam out to your favorite Spotify or Apple Music playlist or choose your favorite movie from one of the 10 streaming services available today. 

Step Five: Thrive

Remember—it’s only one day out of the year, so make the most of it and don’t let it get you down. Take time to appreciate the people you love and enjoy all the holiday promotions!