SADD Holds First Club Meeting to Kick Off February

Chris Murphy, Staff Writer

There have been many new clubs implemented into the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School community. Students Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD for short, is holding its first meeting Wednesday Feb. 1.


SADD is a national and non profit organization that has been in and out of the school for about seven years. The club is student generated and the topics that are discussed are based on students interests. Some of the topics discussed include mental health and drunk driving.


The first event for the club is “P.S I love you day” which will be talked about during the meeting.


“P.S I love you day” is a day to remind everyone that there are many people who care about their wellbeing throughout the community and the event is about spreading mental health awareness.


English teacher Allison Weigel and Consumer Finance teacher Marjorie Fitzgibbon are the advisors of the club and are looking for more underclassman students to become involved with SADD.


“I found [the] club interesting and inspiring because it spreads awareness about the struggles that students go through, especially throughout high school,” sophomore Sonya Shah said.


There won’t be just one topic talked about for the entirety of the year and there will be many different activities throughout the 2023 school year.


“There are tons of opportunities to do things throughout SADD,” Weigel said. “We’re hoping to get new people who are interested and willing to put in the work.”


If you are interested in SADD, stop by room 154 after school to attend the first official meeting.


“There are people here, even people you don’t know directly, like teachers you might not have, that worry about you and want you to be well,” Weigel said.