“Family, Bliss and Christmas,” Hallmark’s Crown For Christmas is Back for the Holidays


Chris Murphy, Staff writer

Allie and her two siblings are sticking by each other through the hard challenges they face. The three of them have been living with each other and supporting each other ever since they were younger.

The holiday season is here which means Christmas is just around the corner. One way to enjoy the countdown for the holidays is by watching Christmas movies. Hallmark channel is streaming holiday films every weekend during the month of December until Christmas Day arrives.


One of my favorite Hallmark films is Crown For Christmas. The film premiered in 2015 and has been in Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas” movies since.


Allie Evans has been raising her two siblings ever since her parents passed away when she was a kid. Working as a maid was just getting her by in terms of money and the family was struggling economically. One day at work Allie gets fired from her job because she didn’t clean fast enough. This change in plans leads Allie into meeting a man named Fergus, who works for king Maximillian of Winshire Europe.


Fergus offers Allie a job as a governess for the king’s daughter. Even though Allie would have to leave her two siblings and travel to Europe, her family really needed the money. Allie accepts the job and she leaves for Europe the following day.


Upon arrival Allie is greeted with a snowball to the face from Theodora, the king’s daughter. Later in the film it is revealed that Theodora lost her mother and she doesn’t want a new governess but more specifically she doesn’t want a new mother.


Theodora starts to open up to Allie and they instantly start to connect. Although some of the staff think Allie is a bad influence, the king starts to have romantic feelings for Allie. These feelings soon get cut off because an arranged marriage has been planned by the Chancellor between Maximillian and countess Lady Celia. 


Theodora is not a fan of the Countess and she wished that Allie could marry her father. As a king, Maximillian doesn’t want to disappoint his people but would he choose power and praise over his daughter and true love? Maximillian calls the wedding off and he runs to find Allie. Maximillian finds her and they have the expected “end of the movie kiss.” Happily ever after.


Overall, Crown For Christmas is a very entertaining film and it is great to watch during the holiday season. The movie may seem cliche with a perfect, happy ending but there are many moments throughout which are heartfelt and sad. Love and family are the two main elements that the movie explores. Hallmark films tend to always have happy endings but they also have strong and important messages as well.


Crown For Christmas, will be live on Thursday Dec. 15 and Monday Dec. 19. Other Hallmark films are available now and will be available throughout December.