Support the Needy, Scoop by Scoop


Jada Montgomery, Sports Editor

Sweet Treats and supporting our school? 

Are you in? 

Students Concerned for the Needy (SCN) is holding an ice cream fundraiser tonight, Monday Dec. 12 2022. Until close, the SPF community can come out and enjoy a frozen treat with friends and support SCN. 

SCN does a number of fundraisers throughout the year including food drives, natural disaster aid, halloween and easter treat projects, not to mention everyone’s favorite: the annual dance marathon.  All of these fundraisers help the local and national community at large. 

“We do a lot of different  fundraisers throughout the year,” Senior Chloe Burfeindt said. “But December is a big month for us. We do our Angel Tree Project where we put together gifts for children in need, a Salvation Army bell ringing which is where we send outside of a stopping shop, and a food drive.”

After dinner, take the family out for a sweet treat and make your way over the Scoops in Scotch Plains tonight!