‘My Outlet in life’: Billie Sherratt on swim and her verbal commitment to The University of Kentucky


Billie Sherratt is a junior at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School who recently announced her verbal commitment to The University of Kentucky. Sherratt spends three hours a day swimming and is looking forward to continuing her athletic and academic career.  


Question:  When and how did you first develop a passion for swimming? 

Sherratt: I first started swimming competitively when I was five and my parents introduced me to it, which is how I got into it since they were both swimmers. They didn’t put any pressure on it, which was really cool because I got to make my own path. 


Question: How did you decide that swimming in college was something that you wanted to pursue? 

Sherratt: Swimming has always been my passion and my outlet in life. I definitely wanted to continue on with it after seeing what the college swimming environment was like. 


Question: What is the process like when committing to college as a Junior? 

Sherratt: I took a couple visits to a few different schools that were official, but it’s definitely a little bit harder doing it when you’re younger since you don’t know where you’re going to be in two years. It was super fun getting to look around these schools and talk to different places. I was recruited by The University of Kentucky, they were my first call when we were allowed to be recruited last June. 


Question: How did you decide that The University of Kentucky was the right school for you? 

Sherratt: When I took my visit, I decided that it was the environment I was looking for, and everyone on the team was super supportive. It looked like a good fit academically as well. 


Question: What advice would you give to high school athletes who are also going through the recruiting process? 

Sherratt: I would tell them to be patient with the process. Although it is a long process, it does go fast. Just experiment and never knock off too many options right off the bat; be very open minded. 


Question: What are your goals/what do you want to get out of swimming at The University of Kentucky? 

Sherratt: With The University of Kentucky, I want to continue to train, improve and grow as a swimmer and human being and I definitely want to go to the Olympic trials.


Question: What is your favorite memory in all your years of swimming? 

Sherratt: My favorite memory from swimming would have to be when my best friend qualified for nationals. Which is funny because you would think it would be something else. But when she made it, it was crazy, our whole team jumped around supporting her and screaming. It brought everyone together and is a core memory which demonstrates the bond that you build with these people.