Raiders are Ready: Voting the Midterms


Jada Montgomery, Sports Editor

  The national midterm elections were held on Nov. 8, 2022. For seniors with September, October, and November birthdays, this election served as their very first. It’s both a learning experience and a rite of passage for teenagers hoping to be politically involved in their lifetimes.

  The Fanscotian interviewed seniors Gianna Tucker [Birthday on Sept. 14] and Owen Higinbotham [Birthday Nov. 1] 


Gianna Tucker

How did you feel about voting for the first time? 

A: I was really excited. I always went with my mom and it was like it’s finally my time.

Did you learn anything new about voting when you arrived at the booth? 

A: Walking in, I honestly had no idea how the process worked at all. I had no idea how to stick a ballot in, nor did I know it was electronic either. So I did learn how to do both of those things while casting my vote. It was fun. Everyone there was very nice and were actually cheering and clapping when I walked out of the booth.

Rate your overall voting experience? 



Owen Higinbotham 

What was your voting experience like? 

A: Interestingly, there was a lady playing the violin when I went in. I’m not lying.  I’m so serious.  She was playing the violin outside. So it was just very magical.

Did you learn anything new about voting when you arrived at the booth? 

A: The violinist helped me out. She pointed me in the direction of which district I needed to sign into, where I needed to register and show my ID—stuff like that. Then, she helped me get into the voter booth, and from there on, it was pretty self explanatory, but it was a very simple and easy process.

Rate your overall voting experience? 



  The final results of the 2022 Midterm Elections are in, but that’s not the end. As more and more SPFHS Raiders come of voting age, it’s for the best that they continue their civic duties and cast their votes in future elections.