Back To School Night: A Return to In-Person


Photo Courtesy of The Fanscotian

Connor Matulonis, Staff Writer

  After being virtual for the past two years due to the pandemic, a back-to-school night at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School returns back to in-person on October 13, 2022. Parents spend the night at their child’s school, getting to know their child’s teachers and learning environment. Back-to-School Night gives parents or guardians a better understanding of their students’ education and the curriculum. 

  In the past years, parents would join Google Meets for their child’s classes. But this is not an easy alternative for all parents. While online may be easier for some, many parents also struggle to make it to back-to-school nights after a busy work day.

  “Being virtual, you never got full attendance,”SPFHS English teacher Mrs. Birkett said. “I feel that Back-to-School Night in-person brings more people and I believe it’s important for parents to actually come into the classroom.” 

  Fewer parents were seen on virtual Back-to-School Nights than in-person. Some parents feel that joining a virtual Back-to-School Night was less helpful for getting an understanding of their child’s classes. 

  “Online back-to-school nights were a fine alternative to in-person, but they didn’t feel as intimate with the few people in attendance for each online presentation,” SPFHS parent Jen Bastable said. 

  A huge plus of Back-to-School Night is putting a face to a name. Not only parents find importance in this, but teachers as well.

  “It’s truly just about parents seeing the facility and putting a name to a face, and that’s what I enjoy about it,” Birkett said. 

  Many parents and teachers want to build a relationship with each other. Back-to-School Night gives parents an opportunity to see their’s child daily educational environment.

  “By going to Back-to-School Nights, I want to make sure that I build a relationship with the teacher so that I feel comfortable reaching out to them at any point during the year if needed,” SPFHS parent Jen Matulonis said. 

  Parents are encouraged to attend Back-to-School Nights. The majority of staff and parents are eager to return back into the building. Whether staff or parents are for it or against it, Back-to-School Nights are likely to continue to be in person for the foreseeable future.