Spirit Week Starts off Strong at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School


Keira Baerson, Feature Editor

  As I walked into school this morning, I was greeted by the same crowded hallways and students slowly walking in hopes of avoiding the awkwardness of getting to first period early.


  When I approached door 12, I noticed something strange and some would even say out of the blue. There was a student riding a small childrens bike with her books in the basket. I had completely forgotten that it was ‘anything but a backpack’ day; what a way to kick off spirit week at SPFHS. 


  The SPFHS Student Government Association (SGA) has worked tirelessly using inspiration from Tik Tok and other social media platforms to come up with ideas for spirit week. 


  “I think [spirit week] can benefit our school community because it gets everyone involved and it gets everyone excited to come to school and show their spirit,” SGA Senior Advisor Grace Germinder told The Fanscotian


  Wednesday, October 12, is pajama day. The halls will be filled with students enjoying the luxury of comfy clothes and hopefully nobody dozes off during class. 


  “As much as I love my flannel pants, I don’t want to pull up to school everyday in them,” junior Rebecca Sohmer said. “Pajama day is an excuse for me to show up in a sweatshirt and flannels with socks and crocs and nobody will care.”


  To contribute to the comfy vibe of the morning, SGA is also hosting a coffee sale sponsored by Blackdrop coffee. This is a great opportunity for students to enjoy a tasty treat before beginning their day. 


  On Thursday October 13, the theme is country club versus cowboy country. Our school may be divided, but the spirit will bring everyone even closer together. 


  In preparation for the annual homecoming game on Friday, students will dress in all pink and Raider gear to show their support for our football team. 


  Looking forward to December, SGA will be hosting a hot chocolate sale to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day and possibly a dance for all grades in February.