Club Spotlight: Back the Black Women


Morgan Ritter, Culture Editor

In the midst of many new clubs sprouting up across SPFHS, senior Naa Dei Ashie introduces Back the Black Women, a club created to empower black women in their community. 


Ashie had the idea for the club in her freshman year of high school. Then, she was able to create a proposal for the club through an English project her sophomore year, and by the time her junior year rolled around, she was presenting it to the Black Student Union. After being met with an overwhelming support, she gained the confidence to start the club this year.


“When I got to middle school, I finally started to realize that black is beautiful,” said Ashie on why she started the club. “I stopped straightening my hair and started wearing my natural hair more, as well as protective hairstyles. I also began to teach my peers and teachers about natural hair and the struggles of African American women through presentations and essays. I started ‘Back the Black Women’ because it is a club that I wish I had growing up.”


The club aims to create a strong community of black women in SPF and teach them to be proud of their identities through fun activities such as HBCU exposure day, hair workshops and group discussion. The club will help instill confidence in young black women and help them develop important life skills.


It’s important to have a club that caters to black women because we are a demographic that is often treated poorly and ignored,” said Ashie. “In a predominantly white town, it’s vital that we are able to come together as a minority in a safe and welcoming environment.”


The club is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the cause and is not limited to the demographic it supports. If you are passionate about empowering black women, you are welcome to come to room 223 on Wednesdays bi-weekly.


Their mission statement is as follows: Back the Black Women seeks to provide mentorship and a supportive community to the young black women in the Scotch Plains-Fanwood school district so that each individual can feel accepted, represented and empowered.


“When I graduate from Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, “Back the Black Women” is what I will leave behind,” said Ashie. “It is my gift to all the black women in the school district, both current and forthcoming. I hope to encourage young black women to own their identity and feel empowered.”