The Doors of Open Block Remain Open for Seniors


Keira Baerson, Feature Editor

  Door 12 is clear as the fourth period begins. Seniors are the only class given the opportunity to leave campus during open block. 


  As I walked out the front door of Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, a sense of freedom prevailed through my body. Leaving school at 1:01 p.m. felt like a reward after a long and exhausting day. All the stress from previous classes had vanished and I was able to relax and decompress before I headed to work.  


  As the pandemic draws to an end, students at SPFHS are adapting to many changes, including the replacement of open blocks with mandatory study halls for everyone except for seniors. 


  If students choose to keep study hall on their schedule, underclassmen and juniors must remain in school, while seniors are allowed to take advantage of open block and leave campus. 


  Junior Rebecca Wofsy is one of the many students who has decided to keep their study hall this school year. 


  “Part of me is kind of annoyed because obviously I want to leave school early or sleep in late because I had [open block] first period last year. At the same time, now that I am in school, it is a better use of my time because I’m getting work done,” Wofsy told The Fanscotian. “Last year, I would go home and watch TV and not actually do my work during study hall.”


  Despite what many students may think, as Wofsy mentioned, there are many advantages to staying in school for study hall, including productivity. As she gets older, workload increases at a significant rate, which makes study hall a good opportunity to get everything done.


  “We sit in the cafeteria [during study hall], so you are in a room with a ton of other people who are also doing homework.” Wofsy said. “You are in an environment that kind of compels you to do work.”


  Senior Stephen Folkart mentioned how it is nice to know that seniors have special privileges in the midst of the college application process. 


  “[During open block], I would recommend going home and getting started on homework, especially for me since I have a job,” Folkart said.  


  While he does enjoy occasional QuickChek runs after leaving school early, Folkhart uses the extra hour to his advantage. 


  “If you have [open block], enjoy it because it’s definitely a big privilege to be able to leave school early,” Folkart said. “Get home, start your homework, have something to eat and it makes your day so much easier to have that extra hour.