Nothing Less than BINGO and Bagels for the Teachers of SPF

Caitlin Maughan, Opinion Editor

From Monday May 2 to Friday May 6, schools across the country celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. At Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, the administration and students alike showed teachers how much they are valued. 


Throughout the week, teachers have been competing in fun challenges to boost morale. For one activity, each teacher received a letter; the goal was to create a word with other teachers. The winners of this scrabble contest as well as daily BINGO games won prizes. A Flipgrid where teachers could upload funny videos and memes was also created. Additionally, on Tuesday, May 3, the administration hosted a breakfast and offered the teachers of SPFHS free bagels.


Likewise, students have taken the national holiday as an opportunity to thank their favorite teachers for all of their hard work. Some students even sent gifts. Nicholas Tropeano told The Fanscotian that he was shocked and grateful when one of his students emailed him a Panera gift card. However, you don’t need to spend money to show your gratitude.  


“I noticed around my tenth year of teaching that students will say thank you before they leave the class for the day,” Tropeano said. “I’ve asked people who teach in other schools and they have never heard of that before. I really appreciate that.” 


Students can continue to show their thankfulness throughout the school year. Earlier in the year, the students in the class Tomorrow’s Teachers were instructed by Tropeano to create certificates for one or more of their teachers to acknowledge something good they have done and thank them. 


“It is always nice to feel appreciated in genuine ways,” Jeannine Cohen said. “Throughout the year, I’ve had students show me their appreciation by telling me something that they have enjoyed or liked. I think that is more authentic than saving it for one week of school. Overall, when students find ways to connect with their teacher, even just talking about a book they are reading that is connected to something in class, I think that makes teachers feel appreciated because it shows that they are listening. I always cherish those little moments more than this one week.”