Top 7 Things to Try While in Maui, Hawaii

Joe Kaplan, Sports Editor

  1. Snorkeling with Humongous Turtles

Snorkeling with the coral reefs is amazing itself, but seeing turtles hangout right beside you, enjoying their lives beneath the surface of the ocean is wonderful to watch. 


  1. Ahi Tuna Poke

The fish is fresh and delicious and is served with a delicious sauce and vegetables over rice. It’s the perfect food to enjoy while on the beach. 


  1. Drive up the Haleakala Mountains

The clouds are among you, and the view is gorgeous. You get to explore what it is like to walk on what used to be an active volcano thousands of years ago.


  1. Experience an authentic Hawaiian Luau

The hooting and howling of the traditional dancers and singers of the Hawaiian luau is something that each tourist is jotting onto their calendar. 


  1. Joe Kaplan

    Take a Helicopter Ride across parts of the island

Experience wonderful parts of the island that are not accessible by foot or by car. Plus, you get to ride in a helicopter, how many people do that?


  1. Road to Hana Adventure

Hana is one of the towns that is mainly accessible through a long, windy road that features amazing viewpoints along the way. 


  1. Food Trucks Galore

Right outside of the Maui Airport, you could partake in multiple Hawaiian and Multicultural cuisines. After a long day of traveling, why not partake in a hearty meal.