April 6: SPFHS Loses Lights


Anthony Malta, News Editor

April 6 wasn’t any normal Wednesday. During Block 1B, Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School experienced power loss throughout the building that left classrooms dark.


“I think everyone was surprised and confused,” junior Annie Hansen said. “But everyone realized it was probably due to the weather or a malfunction.” 


While the short blackout was shocking at first, the school day moved on as it normally would. Morning announcements still commenced right on time and students moved to Block 2B, even if it was in the dark. There were no outages for the remainder of the day. 


Principal David Heisey addressed the issue later that day, stating in an email to The Fanscotian, “My understanding is that the power outage was due to a malfunction with the main circuit breaker. This was the explanation given to me from our electricians.”